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Issues with Android releases

Hi world, as we have issues with APK releases in Mikandi we started our own page for application distribution: http://apps.maturestudio.com/ You can get from there last releases of our applications Soon will be more updates stay tuned!

Moore updates ahead

Hi guys, we currently work on a lot of new features for apps, with introduction of new Android 5 we are keep busy to new UI and a lot of background stuff! In next couple of weeks we will release new apps & games for adults and they will be cool ! Stay tuned!

New apps !

Last months we released a ton of different adult apps ! You can check on our official accounts in MiKandi: http://mikandi.com/developer/413694 Or on our download site: http://download.maturestudio.com/    

Android downloads

Our apps also available to download form our site: http://download.maturestudio.com

Black Girls puzzle 1.7.5

Just released new bugfixed version of Black Girls puzzle game, version 1.7.5 Download :  http://link.mikandi.com/app?app_id=7244&referrer=413694 http://www.adultappmart.com/applications/details/1393/?ref=514919  

Week screenshots


Week news & updates

New releases : Kamasutra Sex Positions http://link.mikandi.com/app?app_id=7575   Updates : Asian girls puzzle 1.2 http://link.mikandi.com/app?app_id=7334   Porn cookie 0.6 http://www.mikandi.com/appDetails?appID=6954      

Kamasutra Sex Positions

      Download : http://mikandi.com/appDetails?appID=7575

Pornstar Quiz

New version of Pornstar Quiz released    

Porn Stars galleries

New release for “Porn Stars galleries”, version 1.0 Download : http://link.mikandi.com/app?app_id=7347&referrer=413694 http://www.adultappmart.com/applications/details/1466/?ref=514919