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News and Updates 2016

Hello, this year promise a lot of new apps a lot of updates and fresh releases stay tuned and check our apps

More apps for download

Yo, we pushed more apps in our market, enjoy them    

Issues with Android releases

Hi world, as we have issues with APK releases in Mikandi we started our own page for application distribution: You can get from there last releases of our applications Soon will be more updates stay tuned!

Moore updates ahead

Hi guys, we currently work on a lot of new features for apps, with introduction of new Android 5 we are keep busy to new UI and a lot of background stuff! In next couple of weeks we will release new apps & games for adults and they will be cool ! Stay tuned!

Application updates

Published last updates for all android applications, see downloads on: See our releases in Mikandi:  

New apps !

Last months we released a ton of different adult apps ! You can check on our official accounts in MiKandi: Or on our download site:    

Android downloads

Our apps also available to download form our site:

Hentai manga comics

Daily updated collection of hentai comics from internet, all images are free to watch without any limits, Internet connection is required. Download:         

Black Girls puzzle 1.7.5

Just released new bugfixed version of Black Girls puzzle game, version 1.7.5 Download :  


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